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Pocket Eights

Seattle, WA  98116

Tel: 425-698-7548

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About Us

How we began


I first started playing in early 2013 at a local pub in West Seattle, WA.  It started as just something to do for fun and has turned into sort of a hobby.  After winning a few daily tournaments and then eventually a quarterly I had the chance for a spot in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) or $1000 cash prize, I took the cash. This prize money was the start of my investment.  In early 2014, the opportunity presented itself to start Pocket Eights.  

Our Philosophy

Providing free poker to all! Our dealers will teach you the proper etiquette and lingo of playing Hold 'em.  You can sit, relax, learn, socialize and enjoy playing cards with fellow poker players.  We follow the rules layed out by the Tournament Directors Assoc.  This allows you to learn the game in a friendly environment before venturing off to the casinos and being overwhelmed.

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